Broken Filter goes LIVE!!!!



It was only a matter of time before this happened. We are taking the shenanigans to the airwaves. We will be broadcasting LIVE every Tuesday night at 8pm for your viewing pleasure!!! You will never know what to expect…because quite honestly….we don’t even know what to expect….besides pure unbridled hilarity, of course!! So DVR your Tuesday night 8pm show….and then sign on to http://zenlive.tvΒ to watch Jonesy and myself tear shit up!!!

Awesome Failure

In all honesty that is how I feel about this website. has kinda been an idea that I have been throwing around for a few years now. I wanted to have a website where people with the straight forward and brutally honest sense of humor could go and laugh at the politically incorrect views of people willing to make fun of the things other sites are afraid to. Yea….sure… we have some cock and ball jokes too, but we need to try to appease all levels of the sense of humor….and let’s be serious….as good as ballsy intellectual writing can be…..a solid dick or fart joke can sometimes help you get through the daily grind. Another awesome part of life….is tits…and ass. We throw that in the mix for you……you’re welcome. Then there is food. We talk about food. Why? Because fuck you if you don’t like shitty food….that’s why.

I think that this website is awesome….to ask other sites to “get on our level”………… just isn’t fair.